Walter Hoy | Fox Lite, Inc.

Fox Lite, Inc. (formerly Fox Plastics Inc.) is a privately held firm, started in 1981 by Walter S. Hoy as a division of Fox Technology, a publicly traded company.

In 1987 the company was purchased in a private sale and merged with Airplane Plastics Inc., another company founded by Walter S. Hoy. Airplane Plastics produced custom airplane canopies for McDonnell Douglas Phantom Works, Republic Aircraft, Rutan Aircraft, Vans Aircraft, The Air Force Museum and several other companies and museums. Airplane Plastics was spun off in 1990 and is still in business. Fox Lite has 50 employees and manufactures and forms transparent and high strength plastic parts and sheet. Fox Lite produces face shields for NASA spacesuits and made the canopies for both airplanes that circled the earth without refueling. The company provides custom design, tooling, and production services for thermoformed parts.

Mr. Hoy is on the board of directors of Wright “B” Inc., a nonprofit organization that flies the replica 1911 Wright airplane. Mr. Hoy is a certified docent tour guide at the National Museum of the United States Air Force doing about 10 percent of the tours each month. He is also on the Volunteer Advisory Board at the Museum. Helping the desperately needy one day each week for the past 16 years, he works at the “King’s Table,” a food facility that serves a large meal every day at the Gospel Mission in downtown Dayton, Ohio for 100 to 250 people. For the last six months Mr. Hoy has been the designer and chief engineer building a new Wright “B” replica that can be folded up and shipped in a sea/land container and flown an hour after delivery.

Degree:                                                Graduation:

BS, Aerospace Engineering                   1956