Tyler Sondag | Swagulator

“What started as a joke and a pop-culture and social trend transformed into a lifestyle; from this lifestyle Swagulator was born. Whether you wake up in the morning and turn your swag on or not, Swagulator answers the age-old question you’ve been asking yourself since you first heard it on the radio in grade school: how much swag do you really have?”

The above is what the Swagulator home page reads, and I would like to think it’s a pretty accurate description of Swagulator’s roots and some of our goals. Contrary to popular belief, I did not give myself any kind of title or relation to the word “swag” or any of its multiple meanings. The nickname “SoMuchSwag” was bestowed upon me my freshman year at SLU while visiting a friend’s dorm room, and I decided to jump on the social bandwagon of adding a phony but eye-catching middle name to my Facebook profile. Little did I know it then, that three-syllable phrase would become both a large part of my personal brand throughout my entire undergraduate experience and an app in the iOS Apple App Store.

Fast forward two years. I had just switched concentrations from solely International Business to both Entrepreneurship and International Business, and it’s Christmas time; I’m at home with my family. Though my mom had been encouraging me to “get some of my ideas out there” for some time, she was persistent with one idea: the idea for an app that would measure one’s swag. Sometimes interesting things happen when you take a chance, talk to the right people, and believe something can and will happen. For me, Swagulator was that thing.

Thus, after around one year of development Swagulator hit the iOS App Store in November 2011, and we hit the ground running. Developing and running the app as a full-time (and somewhat involved) student was more than a challenge; looking back, it was one of the biggest and most memorable highlights of my senior year, but also one of the most significant disappointments in my entire life to date at that point in time.

What did I learn from it all, and where am I going from here? It’s an interesting world out there; I started finding that some of those things people would say about “life” were true. I started finding that the more I stepped out of what was left of my comfort zone, the more I started showing up at events very few or no other college-aged young people were showing up to, and the more I was willing to stick my hand out and meet people who were different than me or that I didn’t know, the more connected I became.

So what’s all of this have to do with Swagulator and where it’s going? The idea is pretty simple: to start connecting people in ways they might not have been able to or thought about connecting before. From there, though, who knows? You’ll just have to wait and see.

Degree:                                                Graduation:

BS, Business Administration                 2012