Tom Daschbach | TD Support Services

I graduated from Parks College in 1964. I think my major was in ROTC !! But the academic, social, religious and life experiences in that environment certainly helped further refine my character.

Following graduation, I started and completed a very rewarding 27 year career in the Air Force. Like others, I was stationed at many different places, saw a lot, had some great assignments, and worked with many outstanding people. My last assignment was to Colorado Springs, CO, where I currently reside.

I was then employed at the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce for six years (1994-2000) as a Vice President for Business & Industry Development. It was a great job to knock off the military dust and transition to civilian life. It was also my initial introduction to the non-profit world and the importance of volunteer work.

In 2001, we established our own business, TD Support Services Corporation, which focuses on providing contract support to the U.S.Department of Defense and other Government agencies. Today, we have been in business for almost 12 years and have contracts in 11 states and Europe employing over 350 people. It has been and exciting ride and continues to this day.

Degree:                                                Graduation:

Engineering                                           1964