Ryan Pride | Moksha Institute

I was a poor kid from a farm in Louisville, Tennessee. My whole life I wanted to “make it.” I put myself through college in 3 years and earned a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology in 4 years. I started climbing the corporate ladder. I became VP of HR for Furniture Brands International, a B2B furniture company, owning Lane, Broyhill, Thomasville (among others), after working for Monsanto – managing Organizational Development. I had made “it.”

I bought nice things … a nice car…. a nice house. But, I was still unhappy.

I was reading Chopra and Krishnamurti late at night hoping for enlightenment. During the day, I was fighting the good corporate fight, watching the economy crash, and my organization struggle just to stay above water. I saw change interventions fail, because of political infighting and resistance to change. I saw a lot of stressed out associates – good people doing their best to help – to do whatever they could to save their and colleagues’ jobs. After having a VERY hard conversation with an employee that I was firing, I learned that he had bone cancer and was dying. He asked me in this conversation if I was happy with my job. I said, “No.” And, he said, “Why don’t you pony up to life and do something about it.”

I did.

Something had to change. Our work has an incredible influence on our life and well-being. And, it is possible to LOVE what you do. It is possible for an organization to THRIVE by empowering and utilizing the immense power of their people. I know this. I have lived it. And, I have not.

I started my own company and assembled some of the best thinkers in the consulting paradigm shift – called the Moksha Institute. We are a “profit for purpose” company – dedicated to helping individuals and organizations thrive. Our purpose is to enable others live and work “at their best,” to manifest their highest potential, and “wake up” to abundance. We engage individuals and organizations in total transformation – implementing the best of what we have learned in over 100 years of Psychological research combined with the timeless teachings of Eastern philosophical traditions. We change individuals, teams, and organizations.

We are passionate about helping others thrive. Whether we are coaching a person or working with an organization, our goal is to accelerate the realization of purpose and potential. We create thriving through an integral and transformative process. When working with individuals, we focus on the whole person, rather than traditional approaches looking at personality and applying a standardized assessment. When working with organizations, we focus on leaders, teams, departments, and the community. We work at all levels of experience – addressing how we think, feel, operate, and connect.

There is a shift coming. We want meaning in our work. Those companies who understand the paradigm shift are realizing incredible savings – due to lower healthcare spend and the force of engaged performance.

Degree:                                                                         Graduation:

Ph.D., Industrial / Organizational Psychology                      2005
M.S. (Research), Industrial / Organizational Psychology      2002