Programs for Students

Diamond in the Rough

Diamond In the Rough identifies, supports and rewards the most promising student entrepreneurs at Saint Louis University. SLU’s Diamond In the Rough program provides training, mentoring and support to Undergraduate students who own and run their own businesses.

Learn more about Diamond in the Rough here.

Entrepreneurship Diplomate

The Entrepreneurship Diplomate is a noncredit certificate for students, alumni and community members, offered by the Center for Entrepreneurship. The purpose of the Diplomate is to promote entrepreneurial mindsets, skills, and connections to help make participants better entrepreneurs. The Diplomate involves participants in workshops, speakers, and competitions designed to help them develop an understanding and appreciation for entrepreneurial business.

Learn more about the Entrepreneurship Diplomate here.

Idea to Product (I2P)

Idea to Product is a unique academic competition looking at ideas at their earliest stage. I2P only requires a two-page submission, done according to a strict format, outlining an idea for a product or service and its market. This approach makes it possible for people across the campus to develop and present ideas, obtain feedback, and start the process of invention commercialization and venture creation.

Learn more about Idea to Product (I2P) here.

Innovation Challenge

SLU students have a chance to compete in the weekly Innovation Challenge where students form teams of three. The students are given an impromptu challenge and have one hour to compete. The Innovation Challenge is run in conjunction with Parks College of Engineering.

Learn more about the Innovation Challenge here.

Bright Idea Grants

The Bright Idea Grants program at Saint Louis University inspires students to recognize the potential impact they have in the world by encouraging students to collaborate with each other to develop innovative solutions to social issues with a $2,000 grant.

Learn more about Bright Idea Grants here.