Marvin Wool | Dash Multi-Corp.

At an early age, Marvin Wool demonstrated an entrepreneurial nature when he sold newspapers on the corner of Tenth and Chouteau, as well as through his first business selling carwash detergent. In 1964, he left his position as a chemist for St. Louis-based Dennis Chemicals and ventured out on his own. He formed M-R Plastics and Coatings, a company that formulated and manufactured specialty paints and coatings. The company grew quickly and was so successful that Marvin was able to sell the company a mere six years later. In 1973, Marvin bought back the company and formed a holding company named Dash Multi-Corp.

Almost 40 years later, Marvin remains the Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer. Dash is composed of a growing family of quality companies which produce a variety of plastic raw materials, coated fabrics, and flooring products. Today, Dash is a financially strong, technology-driven, nationwide holding company which includes 12 subsidiaries and sales exceeding $150 million in 2009. It employs 700 people and operates plants in six states.

In addition to running Dash, in 1991 Marvin also became involved in the banking business. As Chairman of Allegiant Bank, he transformed a small, one-location bank in rural Missouri into a public company with over 40 locations and $2 billion in assets in nine years. Following the sale of Allegiant Bank to National City Bank, Marvin bought into Abbott Ambulance in St. Louis and successfully transformed this non-profit operation into a highly profitable company that he ultimately sold to a nationwide ambulance firm.

Throughout his career, Marvin and his wife Harlene have always managed to set aside some of their time and resources for philanthropic endeavors. Marvin and Harlene have been active supporters of B’Nai El Congregation, the Jewish Community Center, the Technion Society of Israel, and the DuBourg Society at Saint Louis University. Marvin is also a member of the Saint Louis University Board of Trustees, Jewish Community Center of St. Louis, St. Andrews Board, and The Technion Society. In recognition of their generosity over the years, the ballroom at the University’s Busch Student Center was named the “Harlene and Marvin Wool Ballroom” in 2008, and their portrait graces one of its walls.

Degree:                      Graduation:

MBA                            1956