Joe Gadell | GadellNet

While growing up in St. Louis, my dad helped me become interested in computers and technology at an early age. During high school and while attending SLU, I held jobs in computer network administration and consulting.

Upon graduating, I was employed by Enterprise Rent-a-Car corporate to assist as a project manager on the replacement of their original green-screen terminals in use at their rental branches around the world.

After about 6 months, I left Enterprise full time and started GadellNet. I had the itch to start out on my own early in my career! My original business plan was to provide computer technology consulting and web design to small business clients that were too small for on-site IT staff. I started off with a few customers and grew our customer base through referrals almost exclusively until recently.

Since starting GadellNet officially in October 2003, we have grown to 18 employees in Fall 2012 and are on track to have sales of $2 million this year. Our revenue has been growing at a rate of almost 50% annually for the last several years. Earlier this fall – we opened our first branch office in Indianapolis, Indiana. We have 3 employees operating out of our Indy office.

Our core competencies include network engineering, technology consulting, cloud computing, software and database development, and 24x7x365 help desk.

Tom Stemm (B.A. A&S, Comp Sci & B.S. BA 2004) joined GadellNet in 2009 and leads our software development team as CEO.

Nick Smarrelli (B.A. Psychology & B.S. BA 2004) joined GadellNet in 2010 and is our COO.

Degree:                                                Graduation:

BA, Computer Science (A&S)                 2003