‘Real’ Elevator Pitch Competition

The SLU Student Competition is an Elevator Pitch like no other. The initial competition will take place through 30-second video submissions. A group of judges and people’s choice will narrow the ideas down to 20. Those 20 Finalists will be invited to One Metropolitan Square Building (the tallest building in Missouri) on Dec 15, 2013 where they will pitch to 25 judges on actual elevators.

Elevator Pitch YouTube Submission

Individual students (no teams) will create a 30-second elevator pitch on their idea/business. Then they will upload their video to YouTube (it can be anywhere).

To enter the competition, SLU students will send the YouTube link to ecenter@slu.edu with a request to be included in the Elevator Pitch competition. The videos and voting will be housed on the Mr. Pitch’s YouTube channel (youtube.com/pitchmrpitch).

  • Submissions are due by Sun, Nov 24, 2013

20 contestants will be selected to the Final Round of 20 in one of two ways:

  1. 15 pitches will be selected by a panel of judges, and
  2. 5 pitches will be selected through ‘Peoples’ Choice’ – the total number of YouTube ‘likes’

Elevator Pitch Final Round Live Event – One Metropolitan Square building

  • Sunday, Dec 15, 2013 from 8:00-10:00a
  • Registration will start at 8:00a in the lobby
  • Competition will start at 8:30a

In the tallest building in Missouri, we have 10 elevators secured for the competition and 30 judges. We will start with 10 contestants getting on an elevator in the building’s lobby with 3 judges on each elevator. The elevator will travel up 30-seconds (approximately 40 floors). When the elevator doors open, the time to pitch has run out, and the contestant must exit. Each contestant will exit that elevator and move to the next elevator, where they will conduct their pitch again to new judges as they travel down 30-seconds to the building’s lobby. This process will be repeated until all judges have heard each contestant’s pitch. This means each contestant will pitch 10 times. Refreshments and snacks will be served in the lobby and an award ceremony will be held in the lobby after the competition concludes.


  • First place – $2,500 and the opportunity to pitch to the Billiken Angel Network
  • Second place – $2,000
  • Third place – $1,000
  • Remaining 17 contestants – $250

Learn to create an Elevator Pitch from the master by clicking here.