Adnan Hussain | Case Coolie

As a Presidential Scholar and Pre-Medical Scholar at SLU, I truly had the opportunity to explore and develop interests while knowing Medicine lay ahead in my future. My freshman year at SLU I ran an exterior house painting company and got hooked to the idea of Entrepreneurship. I worked with this company a second year and recruited and trained a team of students to run their own house-painting businesses across the state of Missouri. Following this I studied abroad at the SLU-Madrid Campus, and assisted with breast cancer metastasis research at SLU’s School of Medicine.

Upon entering my Senior year at at SLU, I was still interested in Medicine, but was looking for an opportunity to be exposed to non-clinical medicine in addition to medical school. My twin brother was in medical school at The George Washington University in Washington, DC and I knew attending medical school in Washington, DC would afford me ample opportunities to be exposed to the healthcare system while also attending medical school.

Since starting medical school in Washington, I enrolled in the Health Policy track and interned for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. I better learned how our healthcare system functions, while also gaining a feel for the direction it may be headed in the future. I also started an Entrepreneurship Club to bring together medical students, residents, and attending physicians to discuss ideas for innovation in healthcare and beyond. I decided I wanted to enter business plan competitions to learn how to write a business plan and build a toolkit of skills that would be useful later on in my career. I worked with a friend (now business partner) on an idea called Case Coolie.

The backstory is that we had friends at Mizzou that would tailgate for football games every Saturday. Their usual routine consisted of waking up, going to the gas station to purchase a 30-pack, and then tailgating in the parking lot. They had koozies for individual cans, but one of them remarked “this koozie is so dumb; it is keeping one can cold, while 29 are getting hot. It would be so nice if there were a koozie for the case!” We googled it, could not find it, and decided to write up a business plan and enter this idea into competitions. My partner and I ended up becoming finalists in the DC Regional Startup Competition, and realized maybe this was something that could really work. Two years later we have established our LLC, received our first round of investment, produced our first 1,000 units, and have launched our website and sales.

The basic pitch is that Case Coolie keeps a 30-pack cold for 10 hours without ice. A cooler + cans + ice weighs about 47 pounds, and by using Case Coolie the weight gets cut down to about 19 pounds. When you are done, the Case Coolie folds flat and can even double as a seat cushion. The cube shape also creates a nice surface for custom branding, i.e. SLU Billikens, fraternity/sorority letters, etc. Because it eliminates the need for ice, it also cuts down on the use of electricity and water needed to make ice. Check out for more information and photos!

I graduated from SLU in 2009 with a double major in Economics and Biology and was very active while on campus. I am now in my last year of medical school at The George Washington University. I am interviewing for residencies in Emergency Medicine, and would like to build a career both as a physician and entrepreneur.